London Travel’s 🚌 — Part 2

The second day’s plan around London was to first visit the 221B Baker’s street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum, then the King’s Cross Station (Harry Potter’s Shop), and end the trip with a walk in the Regent Canal to the Camden Market and finally end the day by visiting the Lord’s Cricket Ground.

So as planned we walked towards the Sherlock Holmes Museum which was just a 10 min walk from our dorm. We bought some souvenirs and also an entry ticket of 20 euros to the 221b Baker’s Street.

On the way to the Sherlock Holmes Museum
A glimpse of the Sherlock Holmes Museum

A few of my friends also visited the Beatles store which was nearby and bought some souvenirs. After the tour, we grabbed some coffee and pizza with some salad at a nearby Pizza Hut

My all time favourite complementary salad in Pizza Hut

We also saw Madame Tussauds on our way but the entry was too expensive and also we had just that day to explore the rest of our plans. Hence, Madame Tussauds next time for sure❤️.

We, without waiting further headed towards the King’s Cross Station.

Royal Academy of Music ❤️
On the way to the King’s Cross Station
The Team (Yes it was a sunny day in London 😂)

We immediately searched for the Harry Potter Shop and did a lot of shopping for ourselves and our family. It was really crowded 😵. A few of my friends also took a photograph on Platform number 9(3/4).

Inside the Harry Potter Store

We were extremely happy and overwhelmed after our shopping at the Hogwarts 🔦. We then headed towards the Regent Canal. It was another canal like the Birmingham Canel but felt like it was on the outskirts of London(a very quiet and residential area) until we reached the busy Camden Market. The Camden Market is famed for its cosmopolitan image, products sold on the stalls include crafts, clothing, bric-a-brac, and fast food.

The Regent’s Canal
The busy Camden Market

By the end of exploring the Camden Market and of course, buying some souvenirs, we were already tired and wanted to quickly wanted to head back to the bus station. We were completely exhausted after the long regent canal walk. But for every crazy Cricket fan (which of course Indians are) how could we leave the place without a glance of the famous Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Although it was closed, we took some photographs from the outside. It was a huge stadium in the middle of the city.

Lord’s Cricket Ground

My stomach was upset by now. I guess I had too much junk for the past two days but had to do our dinner in London as we were scheduled to reach Coventry by 1 am in the night. So, grab some meals in the nearby McDonald’s and took a cab to the bus station.

Finally, after 3 hours of a bus ride, our long trip from London came to an end. This was one of the longest and most vibrant weekends I have experienced in my lifetime. Can’t wait to experience more.

Note: I was not planning to write about my travel during that time of my travel, hence proper credits to the photographs are missing. After two long years, it is really difficult to trace back and give individual credits. Hence, a big thank you to Anshuman, Supriya, Dibya, Pritom, Julie and Arkadeep as a few of the photos in this blog are clicked by them.

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