Tales of the College Week Celebrations over the Four Years — Part 3

Before starting this blog, if you have not viewed the previous parts do check it out to know about the journey and the jargon associated with our college week. Here are Part 1 and Part 2.

Finally, we are in the pre-final year and are ready to officially take up all responsibilities. The third-year students technically always form the core team but some of us were already into that game a year ago😏.

This time the seniors were Amit Daa, Bedanta Daa, Pranamesh Daa, Subhranil Daa, Ayushi Baa and Mahesh Daa (for the cultural teams). Sports were taken care of by Dhritiman Daa, Amit Daa and Rupankar Daa. Since each of them was in the final year and busy with the thesis and internships, we made sure we gave them as less burden as possible. Amit Daa, Pranamesh and Bedanta Daa still performed in the singing groups Mahesh Daa too gave very frequent visits to our practice sessions and mostly the literary events. Ayushi Baa and Subhranil Daa also entered the Union Buiding every time they passed by, despite their busy schedule.

One fine morning in the month of December Rituparna gave me a call saying Ritu: “Manpa, mur tension house amar Qawali r stock e she sun” (Manpa, I am worried that we are running out of Qawali compositions)

Me: Akou somma gaai diu niki 😍? (Should we repeat Somma?)

Ritu: No, pagol niki..akou kio gaam..but ki gaam reh 😫(No, are you crazy. Why shall we repeat but what shall we then sing?)

Me: Badde, agote finals hekh houk then bhabim…moi exam hall at tu nohole Qawali bhabi thaka jaai (Leave it, we will think after our final, else I even keep thinking about which Qawali in the exam hall)

Yes, we were discussing these, before our final exam of the previous semester. Aalu (a.k.a Alyaman) and Anurag on the other hand were worried about forming a team and musicians, as we had a limit of 15. The same happened with other teams, Kavyamee and Mayuri again worried to form a Zeng Bihu (this time without a tutor) and had no guidance except from their experience from the previous year. The dance events were led by Ohika and Kaushik. Kaustav Kangkan took care of the drama formation. Gagori (a.k.a Gagorina)was taking care of the wall magazine. Rajashree was in charge of Salad and Flower Decoration. Amit Daa and Pranamesh Daa took care of everything 🤧. We were so busy with our individual events that they had to manage it all from permissions to finance. They were a nice team with a lot of cooperation. We were glad to have such wonderful seniors doing things as smoothly as that. They were the Chief Coordinators for that year.

I will keep the cultural rally for the very end 😉.

Let’s start with the singing groups. The chaos that happens before every music event is repetitive every year. This year too Ritu, Me, Aalu and Anurag [I will name it The four in the rest of the blog] had a very long conversation brainstorming the ideas and compositions we should choose for the competitions. After short-listing a range of songs, finally, we decided on singing “Ghanan Ghanan” from the movie Lagaan. It was a beautiful composition and a very well prepared performance was ready from our side. Zikir was a different one this time, led by Dixita and for the Qawali we chose “Kajra Mohabbat Wala”. After a whole month of practise sessions, we finally put up our performance.

And of course, we chose another unique costume this time, so unique that people were confused about whether we were there to sing or dance😂?

These were the lottery results for that year year
L-R: Fabio, Gauranga, Me, Alyaman, Ritu, Subhrat, Apalak, Anurag, BIdisha, Shashank, Gaurav, Dixita, Suranjana, Sushreeta, Amit Daa and Prayan (This photo includes the entire team including the musicians)
L-R :Dixta, Me, Bidisha, Ritu, Sushreeta, Suranjana, Anurag, Alyaman, Amit Daa, Pragyan, Gauranga, Subhrat and Apalak

Do you see the chunnis and the dhotis? Those were both by The four from the famous fancy bazaar. I swear the boys were so uncomfortable wearing those colours but anyways we made them wear 😂. In fact, we did a lottery so as to who will take which colour (blue being the most preferred). They were like “Manpa! really you want us to wear a pink and red dhoti??😂”.

Features Sammriddhi, Ritu and Dixita clicking photos with the chunnis for the lottery 🤣 and The Four doing the shopping

Don’t they look like the most handsome man😉 with these chunnis and matching dhotis?

Then came the Zikir led by Dixita and the Qawali led by Aatrayee.

The team and Pahi (last row left(4)), who did all the makeup for both the boys and girls in the team 💞
Top: Mayuri, Me, Ritu, Bidisha, Aatrayee, Jyotirmoyee, Keshmita; Bottom: Gauranga, Pragyan, Anurag, Bhobo Daa, Pradeep Daa, Subhrat and Alyaman (Amit Daa missing)

Yes! This year Ritu too narrated a very funny (at least to me😆) — “Phool hu gulab ka apne saheli ka mat samajhna aashiq hu aapka apne saheli ka mat samajhna” (Sorry can’t translate- it’s hilarious🤡)

The Zikir 🌙.

Left: The whole team; Right: Anurag, Dixita, Sushreeta, Keshmita, Suranjana, Jyotirmoyee and Gauranga

We won the second position in all three categories this year. Pahi

Then came our Bihu. Guess what they got the first prize this year 🥳. Kudos to the team, specially Kavyamee and Mayuri for all the arrangements and Himadri for the best Namoti again. The other juniors too did a great job in this performance.

Left: Front- Jaya, Aatrayee and Himadri and Back-Papori, Sweta, Madhusmita and Aparna; Right: Kavyamee and Himadri
NIrmali, Himasree, Ria, Madhusmita, Aparna, Kavyamee, Jaya, Mayuri, HImadri, Hritika, Jennifer, Kangkana, Kapisha, Aatrayee, Sweta, Samriddhi, Rimpi and Papori

Next came the Wall Magazine.

Their preparation room was a mess but the most creative one.

Left: Angita and Aastha; Right- Everyone working to make the perfect wallboard
Left: Shreya, Shaswati, Subhamay and Pranamesh Daa; Right: Mahesh Daa, Gagori and Kasturi yawning🥺
Left: Mahesh Daa and Dipjyot Da; Right: Subhamay, Gagori and Mahesh Daa
Left: The entire team with Kaustav Daa guiding; Right: Raj with Dipjyoti Daa

The final day!

Left: Subhamay being the nice junior holding umbrella for his fellow female teammates; Right: Dixita and Gagori Explaining the wallboard
Left: Gagorina explaining the concept to the judges and the final wall magazine

The dance team of the Day Scholars was also a strong team. The theme for this year was patriotism, where the team won the second prize.

Left: Jhimlee, Ohika, Kaushik; Right: Ohika and I can see Somraj as well
L-R: Standing: Papori, Jeniffer, Samriddhu, Sunny Sir, Ohika, Doly, Somraj, Mayuri, Sunny, Jhimlee; Sitting: Smita, Kaushik, Saurav, Papiya and Abhishek
The team celebrates victory

The next category was the Salad Making 🥗 and Flower Decoration 💐.

The Flower Decoration Setup
L-R: Rajashree, Olympia, Zwiza, Dixita and Aastha in the Salad Making Competition

And finally, it is Cultural Rally time. This time we were more careful (at least did not want to get disqualified).🥴. This time it was representing Assamese Musical Culture.

Finally, all the preparation was done.

Bedanta Daa wrote and narrated the entire script in the best way possible on D-day. Almost everyone in the field appreciated him for his narration. I and Gauranga were the vocalists for the rally and Amit Daa and Shashanka played the instruments.

Rally entering the podium
L-R: Kaustav, Gauranga, Me, Shashank, Ananya, Bedanta Daa, Jennifer, Kaushik, Amit Daa, Alyaman and Smita
L-R: Ananya, Bedanta Daa, Jennifer, Kaushik, Amit Daa, Alyaman, Smita, Anurag, Apalak, Sweta and

Here Kaushik appeared as Shankardeva, Alyaman as Azaan Fakir, Anurag as Bhupen Hazarika, Apalak as Jyoti Prasad Rabha, Sweta as Pratima Pandey and Subrajeet as Bishnu Prasad Rabha.

The whole team
Sweta, Jennifer, Aatrayee, Kavyamee, Me, Ritu, Papiya and Ananya

Ritu, Kavyamee, Aatrayee and Papiya, though did not perform themselves but did all the preparation to put forward a successful show and of course, helped us with all the makeup. Subhranil Daa, Somraj, Kaushik who were active members of the team, helped us all

The makeup time

Aren’t you curious by now how this time we messed up?

We swapped the Jyoti and Rabha Sangeet, we were preparing everything so fast that we did not recheck the songs 😩.

Standing: Gauranga, Dixita, Mayuri, Kavyamee, Kaustav, Navanil Daa, Kaustav Daa, Kaushik, Ananya, Alyaman, Me; Sitting- Rity, Smita and Bedanta Daa

But anyways as always, we decided to eat out 😂. The treat was on Kaustav Daa as a super senior to us 🤭

Finally, we ended this college week after a month-long tiresome practise session 💜, which I still miss thoroughly.

Finally, the prize distribution ceremony was attended by only a few of us due to some other engagements w were involved.

Prize Distribution Ceremony, featuring Amit Daa, Alyaman, Somraj, Sunny, Juhi, Bidisha, Papori, Himasree and Jhimlee

We received the award for the best cultural team for that year 🤩.

Finally, it was the end of the very long and tiresome college week of 2019.

I do not have snaps of the other events or more photos even for some events like Bihu, Dance, Drama etc so readers(or any performers) if you have some kindly send me at manpa.barman97@gmail.com. I will add those to the memory lane. I have also missed a lot of things or made mistakes mentioning the names of the people involved, so kindly ping me for any corrections and share more details regarding your experiences. I have extreme information overload to remember every detail 🤯.

Clap 👏 and follow this page if you like the content. I would love to read comments from the people who can relate to this event and share their part of the experience as well.

Stay tuned to read the next blog for the next year of college week.



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