Tales of the College Week Celebrations over the Four Years — Part 2

This is the second part of the college week diary.

You can read the first part here. The general information about what a college week is or how are the rules in our college is elaborately written in the previous blog.


As you already have known by now that I am mostly involved in the singing and more specifically vocal events during the college week. But it was not the same this year 🙃. Many of us(the previous year's day scholars) left the team as they got a campus accommodation and had to perform from their respective hostel’s end. Also, the seniors (Bharjil Daa, Aishwarjya Daa, Kaustav Daa, Debasish Daa and many more) who guided us graduated from college. Adding to that most of the final year students have a lot of commitment towards their thesis and other placements, which also lessens their participation.

I still remember me sitting with Rituparna and Subhranil Daa about how to proceed with the preparations for that year. Since there was less participation from the senior batches for that year due to various commitments, we were left with very less people and Sampurna Baa who was leading the entire day scholar’s team for that year, made us the core members.

We were already tired, even before starting the work🥴.

It no longer felt good as a senior. We had the least manpower possible that year. Alyaman, Anurag, Amit Daa(who was formerly in the day scholar’s sports team), Kishor Daa (who managed time for our team even in his final year) finally came to our rescue. Then there were the rest of us juniors who completed the singing group at last💚.

We took a deep breath and were relieved to be able to at least start the practice. The teams were slowly and gradually forming and trust me we made one of the best teams possible with the best people.

Again, it was the same line-up for the singing competitions i.e. A Chorus (which we almost openly practise), Zikir (which was the same as the previous year so I just had to repeat) and the secret Qawali in the Deepor Beel.😂 It still amuses me when I think about us secretly going to Deeper Beel banks in the chilly winter to practice Qawali 🤷‍♀️.

Practice at Deepor Beel

We had our other practice sessions in the newly found spots- The NAT building and the Union Body Building.

Practice Sessions

So, finally, we were NOT prepared even an hour till our final performance. There was a similar lottery as the previous year to determine the order of the performances.

This time all the organizational tiredness during the entire time did not allow me to perform in the solo singing competition. I guess I did perform in two or three categories and awarded may be in one category. It was so quick that I even lost track of what I was awarded😂 and even did not take the prize myself.


This time the Chorus song was “Jai Ho” by A.R. Rahman. Immediately after we rushed for the Zikir and did the required makeover like making a proper Hijab and using surma etc.

During the Zikir Performance

Like the previous year, this year too we had the Qawali at the end. Although I missed the “Somma Thakile”, we prepared a different Qawali altogether. This time it was “Ure Jab Jab Zulfe Teri” by Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle.

This time I was leading the Qawali and hence I had to wear something different like Bhargavi Baa wore last year.

Rituparna have me an extremely heavy dress which was even more difficult to lift. I am not used to heavy clothing but Ritu made sure I wear that anyways😂.

Qawali Photoshoot
The team: Girls (L-R): Shreya, Ritu, Me, Angita, Chinmoyee, Baishali and Boys(L-R): Amit Daa, Anurag, Kishor Daa, Alyaman, Mahesh Daa and Subhanil Daa

This won we won the second prize in all the three categories. It was a victory moment for us already, that the team performed so well, even after so many hurdles. Kudos to Subhanil Daa who lead that team that year.

This time there is another surprise from my side. I danced as well 😵 in the college week Bihu Competition.

As already mentioned, manpower was a big problem this year and hence we could not find Bihu-specific Instrumentalists (like Dhulia or Pepua) and also we could not afford to withdraw from the competition. Hence, we decided to go for Zeng Bihu, which is a female-only Bihu with very less instruments. And guess what we required around 15 girls for that 🥴. Again, it was a student search time for us🤧.

This time we did not do much hard work searching for people rather just pulled people from all other teams to form the Bihu Team. There were people from Modern Dance, Sports, Drama and even from the Singing Group. The first day we practised and Oh God


Except for three to four dancers, the rest of us danced like zombies😂. I and my friend Kavyamee immediately met Sampurna Baa and told her our plight and how we had the limitless potential of embarrassing the whole team along with ourselves 🥱. But Baa was like “No we have to do it anyway, we paid tutors to teach you and money was already limited”.

So, all of us rigorously practised, this time not to win but to at least dance decently being non-dancers. Kavyamee lead the team, organizing the auditions (although she had to anyhow take all😂 ) and finalizing the team. Our lead singer Himadri is a wonderful folk/Bihu singer. She was the one who made our Bihu at least sound like Bihu. I was assisting Himadri in singing the Bihu Naam. Kavyamee and Mayuri organized all the instruments, props and costumes for all the dancers till the end moment. But at last, our hard work of a month paid off. Our final performance not only sounded like Bihu but also looked visually nice and enjoyable. Although we did not win the best team award, the best Namoti (Bihu Singer) came to our team.

It was one of the most wonderful learning experiences of my life😌.

The Bihu Team

There were several other team events as well, where I was not directly involved but was present throughout their performances as a volunteer.

The College Drama Performance

The Day Scholars’ wallboard was another important event where we always ace and try to do as good and unique as possible. The play was named “The divided device” by Mridul Sharma. This drama was awarded third-best among all the teams. Sampurna Baa and Bedanta Daa got the best actor(female) and best actor(male) respectively❤️.

Day Scholar’s Wallboard

The other teams of the college also presented some pretty unique and nice wallboards.

A glimpse of the WallBoard of the other team

We also have a wonderful dance, who due to some administrative reasons could not perform this time. However, Ohika helped me collect some of their photographs from Spondon.

The team
During the performance

And finally, it is Cultural Rally time 🥳. Ready to know the reason why we got disqualified this time 😏?

Due to the last year’s experience, this time we made a short performance for the rally. The topic was “Cultural Demonstration on Development of Digital India”. We saw the rules very well this time and made a composition for the theme. Anurag, Alyaman, Rituparna, Subhanil Daa, Bedanta Daa and I decided to record the song in a recording studio so that we consume even less time setting that up. Bedanta Daa arranged the recording studio bookings at the last moment, owing to his very extensive network. But the rule was changed to Live Music Only at the very last moment and we could not arrange anything new then. So, we decided to play it and though it was a good performance, we got disqualified.

The cultural rally 😌

And guess what? We celebrated again 😂 and this time in a fancier place. I mean it was not our fault, right?

Treating ourselves after all the hurdles

With this, we came to an end of the long college week until next year ❤️.

The team also aced the sports events. I can clearly recognize Rupankar Daa, Avi, and Vishal Vivek in the picture. (If any other from the sports team is reading this please ping me). It is really old gem 🤝

The sports team

We also had a Dixita at every literary event, conducted during the college week or any other organization. Namrata(photo missing ) has also been an integral part of the literary events.(Dixita ping me with the names of other active members as well, I just found these photos in my gallery)

I do not have snaps of the other events so readers(or any performers) if you have some kindly send me at manpa.barman97@gmail.com. I will add those to the memory lane. I have also missed a lot of things or made mistakes mentioning the names of the people involved, so kindly ping me for any corrections. I have extreme information overload to remember every detail 🤯.

Clap 👏 and follow this page if you like the content. I would love to read comments from the people who can relate to this event and share their part of the experience as well.

Stay tuned to read the next blog for the next year of college week.



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