A day trip to Birmingham

On the 16th of February, 2020. We got up late and set out to our friend's place to plan for that day. We decided to go to Birmingham but the problem was we did not know how to book bus tickets to Birmingham 😵. So we decided to at least to the main bus station (Pool Meadow Bus Station) and then ask people about the bookings as it was an intercity ride. As a last resort, we carried cash of smaller denominations to directly pay the driver of the bus and leave for Birmingham.

After reaching Pool Meadow, we saw a bus to Birmingham and asked about the bookings to the bus driver and the kind driver gave us a free ride to Birmingham 🥺. We insisted to pay as we were seven of us but he assured us it was on him and to enjoy the place.

At Birmingham Coach Station

After around an hour of bus ride, we reached the bus station. Immediately after reaching the Birmingham coach station, we booked our return tickets at the counter as we were made aware that the buses get booked for the day very fast.

We hadn't eaten anything since morning except some tea so we decided to first go to a nice restaurant, have some food and then proceed with the journey. We found a restaurant named “tamatanga” and headed towards navigating via Google Maps. Damm… It was an expensive place to fill our stomachs 😪.

The restaurant however had one of the prettiest aesthetics 🍁.

We had a very less portion of Nun and chicken with some Biryani which costs us around 6000 INR for the seven of us.

After lunch, we headed towards the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. The way to the centre let us witness some of the prettiest places. We never saw canals in India. It was always a movie thing for us but the Birmingham Canal and the landscapes surrounding it blew our minds. Our entry to the canal road seemed to be a normal one but as we headed deeper we saw the beauty of lights and water.

Entry to the canal
A walk through the Birmingham Canals

The Sea Life Birmingham closed by 3 pm and we were quite late so could not see the whole of it. But the journey was truly worth it. The museums were nearly, also got closed by three.

Sea Life Birmingham

We visited Lego Land after that which was fortunately open but of course, did not buy a thing. I have never seen such a huge collection of Legos in one place.

The Lego Land.

It was already dark and we had to return to the bus station by 7:30 pm, hence we decided to head back via the famous library of Birmingham. It was one of the most beautiful and peaceful study spaces I have ever encountered.

The famous Library of Birmingham

We walked through the city centre and saw the beautiful purple Birmingham sky and couldn’t resist ourself to capture those moments although we were getting late for the bus.

The Purple sky under the Church Clock Tower

Finally, we reached the Birmingham Coach Station at around 7 pm. We quickly confirmed your bus tickets and waited at the lounge for the bus. A few of my friends went to Starbucks to grab some coffee. Others just decided to rest for some time. We decided to have our dinner at Coventry.

At the Birmingham Coach Station

Back in Coventry, we visited an Indian Restaurant named “Rupali” near our place which certainly was a lifesaver during our entire trip. Every time we missed Indian food we visited this restaurant and grabbed chicken variety dishes or pulao or naan etc. The portion too was sufficient. I was also shocked that every time we visited “Rupali”, we saw more British people than Indian ex-pats.

Left: Inside the restaurants and Right: Rupali from outside(Courtesy: Coventry Telegraph)

Finally, after having a nice dinner we called it a day🌸. It was the most beautiful unplanned trip to date.

Note: I was not planning to write about my travel during that time of my travel, hence proper credits to the photographs are missing. After two long years, it is really difficult to trace back and give individual credits. Hence, a big thank you to Anshuman, Dibya, Pritom, Julie, Pooja and Arkadeep as a few of the photos in this blog are clicked by them.

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